The Munyuku clan belongs to the Yirritja moiety. Major spiritual themes relate to marine life and the rising cumulus clouds of the monsoon season. Mirinyuŋu (the ancestral whale) also connects to the clouds because of the steam that rises from its blowhole.

Their freshwater homeland is Rurrangala, an inland community. The clan’s saltwater estate is located at Yarrinya on a rocky peninsula.

The Munyuku clan speaks the Dhuwal language. Notable artists include Ḏula Ŋurruwuthun, an important artist and leader of not only his own clan, but of the entire Yolŋu community. He served in the Northern Territory Special Reconnaissance Unit and was a teacher of painting at the Yirrkala school. Like his brother, Gambali was a ceremonial leader and artist. Acclaimed painter Barayuwa Munuŋgurr, through his mother’s side, has authority to paint Munyuku designs and the Yarrinya saltwater estate.

The consulting curator from the Munyuku clan for this project was Barayuwa Munuŋgurr.