The Ŋaymil homeland at Yangunbi is on the Western Shore of Melville Bay. The clan’s center is located in the wetlands at the opening of the Giddy River. Clan members speak Dhangu. The Ŋaymil clan is closely related to the Ḏäṯiwuy. Both clans are part of the Gapiny group and share the name Ganambarr. Ŋaymil is relatively small and has no living saltwater members.

Artist Larrtjanŋa Ganambarr was a Ŋaymil leader who established the clan’s homeland. He contributed to the Yirrkala Church Panels alongside his role as a ceremonial leader. Gunybi Ganambarr is a celebrated artist who merges experimentation and tradition. He lives and works in the homeland of his mothers’s clan, the Dhaḻwaŋu.

Ŋaymil tradition incorporates themes of the Dhuwa moiety. Djanda is the ancestral goanna (water monitor) that embodies the epic of the Two Sisters at Darrawuy (a freshwater spring). Warrukay is an ancestral barracuda that protects Ngalkanbuy (the saltwater estate). The bared teeth of the Warrukay calls forth the might of Ŋaymil warriors.