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And so, we had this land Bäniyala where the yiŋapuŋapu is located. Yiŋapuŋapu is a place where you can sit to build a home so that the tribe can expand and make their clan nation big. There is also a place called Gäṉgaṉ that has the same significant Law, and it is now also a homeland. But we stayed there at Bäniyala at the yiŋapuŋapu. When we die, our bodies will return to this place to be buried in that particular ground called yiŋapuŋapu.



Yilpara, Bäniyala and Birany’birany are all connected together, and you can see it in the diamonds that we paint.


Bäniyala is a Maḏarrpa homeland located on the beaches of the Blue Mud Bay. With a population of about 150 people, It is one of the largest homeland centers in the region. It is associated with the songline of Bäru, the saltwater crocodile.


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Bäru | The Saltwater Crocodile