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Garrapara is a place where the deep saltwater meets the land, lined wiwth shade trees. It is a Dhaḻwaŋu place where we used to stay, all my father’s fatheres… My family, my fathers and fathers’ sisters an all their kind use d to stay around here — each family would have a place where they would rest under the casuarina trees. They would live around here and they would regularly fire this Country to look after it… This place is replete with story, songs and paintings. — YINIMALA GUMANA

Garrapara is a striking rocky coastal headland and bay area within Blue Mud Bay, on the eastern coast of Arnhem Land. Sketched in 1803 by English artist William Westall, who worked as a painter on Matthew Flinders’ voyage of discovery to Australia, it is known on maps in English as Mt Grindall and Djalma Bay. Garrapara is the Dhaḻwaŋu saltwater estate. It is known for a permanent yiŋapuŋapu (elliptical sand structure).


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