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Gurala is a Djambarrpuyŋu site that describes both the beach and the water of Buckingham Bay. It is associated with the ancestral Shark, Bul’manydji, who was speared by the ancestral hunter Murayana. spears the Djambarrpuyŋu shark, Bul’manydji, and segments of his body are sung by the various Dhuwa clans whose homelands were touched by the body of the shark. His eyes remained on the beach and focused on two places, Gurala and Waṉḏawuy, but the beaches and saltwater at Gurala were infused with the shark’s blood and fat. This attracted the shark’s yothu (children), who, after visiting Gurala, traveled to each of the Dhuwa homelands along the tide, which is connected to the flow of Bul’manydji’s blood after he was speared.


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Mäṉa | The Shark