Organized by the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection


Maḏarrpa is a Yirritja moiety clan.

Major spiritual themes include Bäru, a Maḏarrpa ancestor who was transformed into a saltwater crocodile after being burned with fire at Yathikpa. Garraŋali is Bäru’s sacred nesting site.

The travel of Bäru connects the Maḏarrpa clan with the Gumatj and Munyuku clans.

Along with the Maŋgalili and Dhalwaŋu clans, the Maḏarrpa practice the ceremonies related to the yiŋapuŋapu (elliptical sand sculpture).

Another important spiritual theme is Mundukuḻ, the ancestral lightning snake (also known as Burrut’ji) who lives at Baraltja.

The Maḏarrpa homeland is at Bäniyala (also called Yilpara), on the beaches of Blue Mud Bay. This area is one of the largest homeland centers in the region. 

The Maḏarrpa clan speaks the Dhuwaya language.

Munḏukul Marawili was the most senior Yirritja artist to paint for Donald Thomson, and was an important leader of the clan in the early 20th century. Mundukuḻ’s son Wakuthi was a clan leader and artist who re-established the Maḏarrpa homeland at Bäniyala. His son Djambawa is an artist, curator and sea rights activist who has represented Aboriginal peoples on numerous Australian boards and councils. 

The consulting curator from the Maḏarrpa clan for this project was Djambawa Marawili, who was also a lead curator and originator of the Maḏayin project.